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  TEAM | Get to know our team
  Founder Dr. Rose Giacomin has an academic career and a consolidated practical experience. The team of the Giacomin Advogados & Associados Law Firm act in a segmented manner, appointing specialists according to the area of activity.

Through this, and with a multidisciplinary team, the Giacomin Advogados & Associados Law Firm effectively delivers solutions, thus providing excellence in the way each case is handled.

Rose Giacomin

She currently works in the general direction of the Giacomin Law Firm and coordinates the Law Course of Faculdade Pitágoras – Cidade Acadëmica, in Belo Horizonte.

Currently works in the general direction of the Giacomin Advogados e Associados Law Firm and coordinates the Law Course of Faculdade Pitágoras – Cidade Acadëmica, in Belo Horizonte City.
Master’s degree in Company Law since 2011 by Milton Campos Law School, and currently Master's Degree student in Business Administration at Fundação IberoAmericana

Since 2011 participates in the evaluative committee of the Revista Síntese em Direito Empresarial – IOB, a nationally distributed law magazine. Acts as editor-in-chief of the scientific journal of the Brazilian Academy of Civil Law, with the social purpose of the career.

She produced about forty articles, two books published and participation as evaluator in more than three hundred monographs (graduate and post-graduate school). Complete list of all the works available in http://lattes.cnpq.br/0967071656477351. She also has a highlighted study in succession process of family firms.

From consulting to legal assistance, our team of lawyers develops a thorough job. We carry out data collection and constant monitoring of services, always focusing on prevention, advice and pursuit of better legal solutions with safety and efficiency.

We also have partners and a multidisciplinary team

Samarone Nogueira Martins - Bachelor's degree in law by Universidade Federalde Juiz de Fora / MG. Post-graduated in Civil Procedural Law by Unisul and Tax Law by Ibemec. Experienced lawyer with a consolidated career.

Oswaldo Kill Júnior - post-graduated degree in Labor Law by Fadivale. Experienced lawyer with a consolidated caree



Renan Santos de Azevedo

Lawyer, Master's degree student in Private Law at PUCMINAS, with the project Análise Econômica do Inadimplemento Contratual - Economic Analysis of Contractual Default, with graduation and post-graduation in tax law by the same institution.

He has experience in consulting and litigation in Civil and Company Law, especially in civil tout and analysis of contracts of various types (such as service provision, purchase and sale, corporate and mutual), credit recovery (enforcement actions, search and seizure, of fiduciary property) and judicial recoveries.


Tânia Azevedo Garcia

Psychologist, lecturer and career consultant. Master in Business Administration with an emphasis on People Management. Specialist in Group Dynamics and Business Psychodrama.

Currently holds the position as coordinator of the Psychology Course at Faculdade Pitágoras , in Belo Horizonte, since 2005. Teacher of Organizational Psychology; Mental Health at Work; Psychology Applied to Organizations. Worked in the Module Leadership and Innovation of the postgraduate course in administration of the FGV. Supervisor of internship in Mental Health in the Work of Hospital Madre Tereza de Belo Horizonte. Teacher in People Management and Leadership in graduate courses in Hospital Management and Business Management. Professor of the post-graduate course and master's degree in Strategic Human Resources Management at Faculdade Politécnica de Maputo, Mozambique – Africa.

Manager and Director of Human Resources of Pharmaceutical Industries of MG from 1992 to 2000. Consultant and agent of Management Training since 1999 in small, medium and large companies such as USIMINAS, LOCBRÁS, SOLIN, LABORATÓRIOS GLOBO, TRIBUNAL REGIONAL ELEITORAL DE MINAS GERAIS.