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    About the law firm

In a solid infrastructure located at a privileged address, Giacomin Advogados e Associados Law Firm is placed in a 9th floor at Renaissance Work Center bulding, in a neighborhood called Savassi, a prestigious business area of Belo Horizonte City, state of Minas Gerais.

Focused on advocacy with a high quality, mainly in company law, we offer legal consulting to small, medium and large companies. We provide to entrepreneurs or members of family companies an exclusive service in the defense of the rights of our clients, acting ethically, assertively and effectively.

We have a group of highly trained associates, allied to a successful trajectory, that search in the values and knowledge of the founder, Doc. Rose Giacomin, who currently serves as general director, to achieve our mission: disseminate knowledge, discussing trends and practices and proposing alternatives to current legal issues.

We use the most modern technology and doctrinal understandings, throughout the production process of the services offered, maintaining the social function of the juridical person, providing employability and circulating goods and services.

This concept of excellence generates intelligence actions, despite all the challenges presented in the business consulting sector. We also know that it is possible to share and contribute to the transmission of knowledge through the promotion of large events, allowing a higher qualification of the professionals through the debates.


Professor Rosilene Gomes da Silva Giacomin founded the Giacomin Advogados & Associados Law Firm in 2013. With extensive academic experience and in company law,  personally coordinated all the services provided by the law office, with great competence and dedication.


Currently works in the general direction of the Giacomin Advogados e Associados Law Firm and coordinates the Law Course of Faculdade Pitágoras – Cidade Acadëmica, in Belo Horizonte City.
Master’s degree in Company Law since 2011 by Milton Campos Law School, and currently Master's Degree student in Business Administration at Fundação IberoAmericana. Specialist in Civil Procedural Law, by IDP in Brasília.

In the year of 2013, she assumed the position of professor in the Law course of the Faculdade Pitágoras in Belo Horizonte City, member of the Kroton Group, the largest institutional group in the country, with approximately one million students and net profit of R $ 487.6 million in 2016. She excelled in the institution when implementing projects of extension and scientific initiation, mobilizing teachers and students, strengthening the triad of education: teaching, research and extension.

Since 2011 participates in the evaluative committee of the Revista Síntese em Direito Empresarial – IOB, a nationally distributed law magazine.

Acts as editor-in-chief of the scientific journal of the Brazilian Academy of Civil Law, with the social purpose of the career.

Evaluator on the judging committee of law courses in the Guia do Estudante Magazine, in the southwest region in Brazil.

She produced about forty articles, two books published and participation as evaluator in more than three hundred monographs (graduate and post-graduate school). Complete list of all the works available in http://lattes.cnpq.br/0967071656477351.

She also has a highlighted study in succession process of family firms.


Master’s degree in Company Law by Milton Campos Law School. 2011/August.
International Master in Progress: Business Administration - since 06/2015, with a double degree from the Ibero-American University Foundation and Spain.

PhD in Private Law by PUC-Minas, interrupted in 2013.
Postgraduate in Civil Procedural Law by Brasília’s IDP Institute.

Graduated in Law by Fundação Presidente Antônio Carlos de MG. 2008/Dec.


Lawyer, Master's Degree in Company Law, teaching experience, leadership and solid experience in civil and company law.

Active participation in the capture, regulatory (MEC) and retention of the students, besides the management of people in the coordination of the course of law, from the administrative sector to the teachers, generating visibility and new actions for the improvement of the course, with presentation of studies to reduce costs, with adequacy of the distribution of workload for teachers, with autonomy for hiring and exonerations.

Semester planning of courses to be offered, analyzing those that present the best financial results, checking occupancy rates in the classroom, defining schedules, ensuring a diversified portfolio and attractive to the market.

Planning with the corporate sector with publicity actions through advertising campaigns, ensuring the quality of the institutional image and optimizing the process of capturing students.

Optimization of positive results in the institutional evaluation of the MEC – Culture and Education Ministry - (recognitions) and in the educational performance of the students.

Management of the portfolio of legal proceedings, approximately 280 companies, in addition to the analysis and validation of contracts. Elaboration of opinions and business consulting, for the shielding and preventive, with elaboration of strategies for the reduction of the contingencies of the companies. Management of judicial litigation: judicial and financial control.

In the Projeto de Extensão Exportadora - Export Extension Project (PEIEX), she managed a multidisciplinary team of consultants in finance, product manufacturing, strategic management, sales and marketing, in two operational centers (Ipatinga and Belo Horizonte Metropolitan area) with approximately 800 related companies. This is one of the structuring actions of the Plano de Desenvolvimento Produtivo - Productive Development Plan (PDP) of the federal government, preparing the companies for export with participation in fairs and international missions. In Minas Gerais, PEIEX was carried out by the Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos - Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (APEX), an agreement with FIEMG.


O Direito Privado Brasileiro

Capitulo de livro com participação da fundadora, publicado em:

O Direito Privado brasileiro: interpretado pela Academia Brasileira de Direito Civil

[Orgs.] Ricardo César Pereira Lira e Roger Silva Aguiar

Disponível em: http://www.livrariadplacido.com.br/o-direito-privado-brasileiro-interpretado-pela-academia-brasileira-de-direito-civil.html


CLT Interpretada

Capitulo de livro com participação da fundadora, publicado em:


CLT – Interpretada – artigo por artigo. Parágrafo por parágrafo, inciso por inciso e alínea por alínea

[Orgs.] Kheyder Loyola e Silvana Sponton

Disponível em: http://www.editorarideel.com.br/clt-interpretada-artigo-por-artigo-paragrafo-por-paragrafo-inciso-por-inciso-e-alinea-por-alinea/